Frequently Asked Questions

Drawing on Kale Endüstri Holding’s  70 years of experience in the security industry and aiming to secure all life spaces with Kale Alarm, Kale Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş. reveals its distinguished position in the industry with options that will raise your life standards.

Kale Alarm offers alarm systems tailored to your life scenarios at home or at work. Experienced and specialized security advisers determine details that fit into your life spaces in pre-installation evaluation free of charge. Your alarm system is then installed accordingly.

Established in compliance with the European Union standards, the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center serves on a 24/7 basis to ensure that our subscribers have peace of mind guaranteed by Kale.

Once an alarm system is installed in your house or workplace, magnetic contacts and sensors detect intruders and send a signal to the alarm panel. The alarm system also has an external siren that emits a 110-db sound, announcing the presence of an intruder. Upon receiving this warning, the alarm panel reports it to the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center. The Alarm Monitoring Center officials assess the report then contact the subscriber and await a confirmation. If the subscriber cannot be contacted, emergency units, such as the police department, fire department, ambulance, etc., are dispatched for an emergency response.

A security system connected to the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center monitors the signals transmitted by the communication modules of subscribers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It subsequently analyzes and redirects the signals to emergency units, such as the Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance.

Telephone lines are usually located on the side of a building, which makes them an easy prey for sabotage. An alarm system that is not connected to the Alarm Monitoring Center will only sound an alarm. In this case, if the siren has been sabotaged, the alarm system will become dysfunctional. Therefore, an alarm system that is not monitored by an Alarm Monitoring System is not a complete security system. However, if the communication module or siren is sabotaged on an alarm system that is connected to the Alarm Monitoring Center, the Center will see it and inform the subscriber. Therefore, the system fully performs its function. The Alarm Monitoring Center and an alarm system indispensable to each other.

If your installed system  is compatible with the Alarm Monitoring Center, it must be solely directed to the Alarm Monitoring Center. If it is not, your products can be modified accordingly.

Security bars are not recommended since they may block escape and cause loss of life in case of particular emergency, such as a fire or earthquake.

Insurance is for financial security. It compensates for your losses following a burglary, fire, etc. A burglary is a threat to your life and your sentimental values. Security systems enable you to take action before such undesirable experiences so that your life and property are protected.

An alarm system remains powered by a built-in battery on the alarm panel during a power outage or when an intruder disables the power system. If a power outage is prolonged, the battery will activate the alarm with the last of its power. It will sound an alarm and issue a warning to the Alarm Monitoring Center concerning the prolonged power outage. Your security system continues to protect your life space in any case. ​

All installation works  are conducted by our installation teams with utmost care taken to avoid cause any damage to your property. You can select a wired or wireless alarm system. In a wireless system, only the detectors are wireless; the alarm panel, sirens, keypad and telephone line must be wired to the power grid.

If you wish to leave the system before the end of the 24-month subscription contract period, you will need to call our Alarm Monitoring Center at 444 724 0, tell our Customer Representative that you wish to terminate your subscription to the system, and fax your letter stating your request with a wet signature to 212 705 79 79. Once we receive the petition, our Customer Representatives will contact you to inform you about the procedure to follow to terminate your subscription.

Alarm systems can be activated in several ways. One of these involves arming the alarm at home. The motion sensors are disarmed when the sensors on windows and doors are armed, allowing you to move freely at home.

You can provide instructions to the Alarm Monitoring Center and assign unique passcodes to different individuals. With this method, you will receive SMS and email messages concerning who opened and closed your doors. You can also keep track of this data on the Kale Alarm mobile app. It is also possible  to receive monthly reports as emails.

You can block access to your life spaces by disabling passcode access temporarily/permanently. When you do not wish to disable passcodes, you can keep track of the access by email and SMS messages and by using the mobile app.

Of course you can. Our special motion detectors for pets allow freedom of movement for pets up to 40 kg. You can request further information from our visiting security advisers during evaluation.

If you are forced to dial the passcode of your alarm system, you can disarm the system with a duress code you determine. This passcode alerts Kale Alarm Monitoring Center immediately, and the relevant law enforcement units are informed.

Based on a free evaluation in your new house/workplace, you can continue to use the system in provinces where the technical services of Kale Alarm are available by moving your existing system as is  if suitable, or by installing additional detectors if necessary .

You can apply via 444 724 0 Kale Alarm Call Center or our website at

Our security consultants will contact you as soon as possible.