Build Your Own Castle

It is as easy as ABC to create your own alarm systems tailored to your needs for homes and offices! Offered with a range of individualized home alarm systems, you can also benefit from a further option of mass housing alarm systems. You can select your alarms to fit your exact needs thanks to the Build Your Own Castle application developed by Kale Alarm. What does this system accommodate? The most appropriate alarm system that you need will be automatically designated in line with responses that you will give to questions during a 9-step mini survey. This test is launched with questions for you to be able to see where you plan to install the Kale Alarm system as well as to be able to consider if there are dangerous spots other than doors. You will next be directed to a page where you can fill your contact details according to the system you will choose. After you complete such details and insert your notes indicating your specific preferences, you can get notices for tailored proposals and campaigns. 

Kale Alarm Systems 

Benefiting from privileges that Kale Alarm offers, you can prefer the most appropriate alarm systems for you and for wherever you will use such systems. Kale Alarm systems are categorized into wire and wireless systems. Both require a certain range of tools and appliances. The set includes 1 Kale Alarm panel, 1 keypad, 1 magnetic contact, 1 internal siren, 1 external siren and 1 motion detector. Kale Alarm produces its products by utilizing leading-edge technologies in order to eliminate safety and security issues and prevent any possible accidents. In addition to providing satisfaction with its durable and solid products, it also meets requirements and needs. This work carried out as part of Build Your Own Castle aims to determine needs and requirements in a proper way and avoid upsetting its customers. So a more secure and safe environment can be established thanks to cameras preferred within a wide range of desired functions and specifications together with Kale Alarm systems. 

Kale Alarm Call Centre 

Owing to its cutting-edge products and favourable prices, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Manufactured to provide 24/7 security and safety services and tailored to suit every purpose and budget, Kale Alarm systems and cameras are satisfactorily preferred by users. The assurance provided for 70 years by Kale adds a devoted spirit to those who do their job with love and diligence. You can easily gain access to Kale Alarm call centre. You can just complete a form by visiting the official website of Kale Alarm. After this application is submitted to the call centre, customer services will get in touch with you by calling at the number you have provided in the form. So you can ask and discuss any problems and issues you may have encountered and have instant access to representatives at any time and from anywhere. The centre has a team of experienced representatives who have never compromised on quality and satisfaction by putting in laborious efforts. With its wide hub of dealers and service stations, the centre keeps on rendering services throughout Turkey.

Kale Alarm Cameras

In addition to Kale Alarm systems manufactured to provide further safety and security, Kale Alarm is engaged in the production of security cameras as well. Equipped with the latest technology, Kale Alarm cameras are designed to be used on indoor and outdoor spaces. It is known that camera angles depend on wherever you will deploy cameras which you will prefer by estimating which place to use. Kale Alarm Cameras have become more secure thanks to their ability to exhibit any performance even in a dark space as they do in an illuminated space. Putting up extra resistance against strikes and weather conditions, cameras are designed to work in extremely hot and cold weather conditions. With these cameras supported by mobile applications through which records can be instantly monitored, it is more advantageous to backup and analyse videos. 
Products are offered exclusively to Kale Alarm subscribing customers on lease and purchase options. They are not sold as standalone products.