Camera Systems

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The security camera system can operate without an Internet connection. The security footage is saved to the hard drive in the recorder and the recorded footage or real-time footage can be watched on a monitor.

The real-time or recorded security footage can be accessed from remote locations through personal computers, smartphones, or tables if there is an Internet connection in the address.

You can purchase a security camera system on the Kale Alarm Website, by contacting the call center, or after an assessment made by our expert security consultants at the address where the system is to be installed.

Kale Alarm offers various wired and wireless choices that are suitable for both cable infrastructure and with a wireless infrastructure. After an assessment carried out by our expert security consultants, you can choose the best security system for your address.

In camera security systems, the maximum length of footage that can be stored changes in line with variables such as the number of cameras, the capacity of the hard drive, and the levels of recording speed and resolution. The maximum length of footage that can be stored can be virtually calculated if requested by the user and the system can be built accordingly.

The security camera systems are not designed to be used for personnel tracking purposes. Security camera systems enable users to access real-time or recorded security footage.

A confirmation code is determined to be used during communication between the monitoring center and the user. When the user is contacted, the AMC personnel asks this confirmation code to the user and takes the next actions accordingly.

You may not be aware of malicious acts in real-time with a camera security system alone. However, with Kale Alarm, you are notified of such acts only in an average of 10 seconds.

The alarm panels are in constant connection with the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center through landline, the Internet connection in the address, or the GPRS integrated into the system and takes the necessary actions to immediately notify the user and the relevant agencies in cases of emergency.

The real-time or recorded security footage can be watched on a personal computer by using the "My Kale Camera PC" program.

The real-time or recorded security footage can be watched on a smartphone by using the "My Kale Camera" application.

It is a free notification service Kale Alarm offers to businesses. If the workplace opens or closes outside of determined working hours, the authorized user is notified with an SMS.