Alarm Monitoring Center Service


The Kale Alarm Monitoring and Call Center can handle multiple calls simultaneously, serving its subscribers around the clock 365 days a year with high capacity and infrastructure. It operates by transmitting the alarm signal of the security system installed in your living spaces to the receivers operating at the center via communication modules (PSTN, GSM, IP) in the event of burglary, theft, flood, fire, gas leak or urgent health problems. The center dispatches the relevant emergency response unit (police department, fire department, ambulance) depending on which warning signal it receives from the systems. 

These systems are specially designed to monitor alarms and reflect these alarms on computer screens based on priority. The subscriber of the alarm and all contact details are displayed automatically on the operator’s screen. An operator immediately uses the contact details provided to contact the subscriber and take action upon confirmation in the event of a suspicious incident. If the threat is confirmed, the operator dispatches emergency response units (police/gendarmerie force, fire department and ambulance) to the address of the alarm. 

  • While the world average for contacting the subscriber in case of an alarm is 38 seconds, the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center contacts a subscriber in 10 seconds on average.
  • The Kale Alarm Monitoring Center processes approximately 26 million signals per month. Of these, 98,000 signals are considered alarm signals and are responded to accordingly. 
  • The Kale Alarm Monitoring Center makes nearly 105,000 phone calls per month: 29,000 incoming, 75,000 outgoing.

Upon the subscriber’s request, we make all activity and arming/disarming reports available, provide information, report extended power outages and communication problems, report access outside of designated hours, report the alarms to the authorities and to law enforcement where necessary, and provide technical support on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, our subscribers can use the Kale Alarm mobile application to keep track of their bills and signals instantly. Services are provided using a technology that records all phone calls and provides maximum security and customer satisfaction.