How Does the Home Alarm System Work?

 How Kale House Alarm System Works

  • Once the house alarm system has been armed, parting the magnetic contacts installed on the door will send a signal to the alarm panel.
  • The subscriber must enter their password within 15 seconds (this can be adjusted upon the subscriber’s request) to deactivate the warning signal raised by the opening of the main door.
  • When the passcode is entered, the house alarm system is disarmed (sirens do not go off during the 15-second warning tone).
  • Actuating the magnetic contacts and motion sensors outside the delayed areas activates the alarms within a few seconds.
  • The house alarm activation signal appears on the Alarm Monitoring Center representative’s screen.
  • The representative immediately contacts the subscriber.
  • In addition, the relevant emergency units (e.g. police, fire department, ambulance) are dispatched based on the type of the alarm.​​​​