Smart Lighting Solutions for Home Security

One-Touch Comfort and Security for Kale Alarm Subscribers

One-Touch Comfort and Security for Kale Alarm Subscribers With Kale Alarm applications, you can remotely control your lights, create the impression of being home while you are away, and adjust the lights any way you want, even to gradually turn off during night time.

Accessible from the Kale Alarm mobile application, the system takes remote measures against theft and prevents individuals with bad intentions from stepping into your living space.

The battery and wireless motion sensor, which can be easily installed in the desired location, allows you to select which environment or light settings will be turned on with the application upon motion detection.





  • Smart control, inside and outside
  • Vacation mode
  • Ability to set the lighting level
  • Automatic on-off with convenient timers*
  • Voice control*
  • Daytime and nighttime settings*


*Available with different apps in the App Store and Android market.