WhatsApp Line Data Protection Notice

WhatsApp Line Data Protection Notice

As Kale Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş, we process your identity, communication, customer operation and all other personal data transmitted to us by you who contact us via WhatsApp Line only for the following purposes;

  • Correctly addressing the person with whom the communication is conducted,
  • Confirmation of communication and determination of contact for statistical purposes,
  • Conducting procurement process of information consulting service of our firm,
  • Using as proof in disputes that may arise,
  • Conducting the sale processes of our products,
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by evaluating customer requests, suggestions, and complaints.

These personal data are not shared with third persons except our business partner WhatsApp in abroad and legally authorized public authorities.

These personal data are automatically processed via relevant platform based on your explicit consent and legal reasons stated as “Processing of personal data of the parties of a contract is necessary, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of the contract”, “Processing of data is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the data controller, provided that this processing shall not violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” in the Article 5 of Personal Data Protection Law ("Law").

As the data subject, you can direct your claims relating to your rights listed on the article 11 of the Law, by filling out the Application Form for the Protection of Personal Data, which you can view on our website www.kalealarm.com.tr/en, to our kaleguvenlik@kale.hs03.kep.tr REM address, kisiselveriler@kalekilit.com.tr e-mail address through your e-mail address that is registered in our system or via a mobile-signed or e-signed message that you can forward to us, or you can submit your written application to the address of Vadistanbul Ayazağa Mahallesi Azerbaycan Caddesi No 3F/1, D:E Blok, 34396 Sarıyer/İstanbul.