HR Processes

1. Let’s Shape The Future Together

  • Beginning its journey in a 40-square-meter workshop in Tahtakale in 1953, Kale Endüstri Holding today operates from Çerkezköy Factory, the largest integrated lock production facility in Europe. Exporting to over 100 countries and becoming the key trusted brand of Turkey, Kale Kilit significantly contributes to both the industry and the country’s economy with all its activities.
  • Having adopted the principle of continuously enhancing the working culture with its young and dynamic talents, Kale Endüstri Holding aims to create and sustain a more reliable and people-oriented future, together with the participation of new talents in its proactive employee potential.

2. Selection, Recruitment and On-Boarding

Regarding the sustainable growth needs of our organization, we first attempt to fulfill the workforce requirement from within our own ranks. When this is not feasible, we hunt talent in the business market and fulfill our requirement through new employees selected among the potential talents compliant with our institutional key competences that we believe in to shape our future together based on the principle of “right person for the right job.”

As said by our founder, Sadık Özgür, “Practitioner is more powerful than decision maker,” we trust your individual competences and start your application process once you send us your CV to achieve your career dreams.

We receive applications from both various internet sites of which we are a member as Holding and through the references of our employees. You could apply for the announced vacant positions, as well as the “Common Application” to be evaluated for future positions. First, we assess your application in line with your knowledge and experience and then with the vacant positions. If any appropriate position is available in accordance with the knowledge and qualifications listed in your CV, you will be invited for a job interview.

We engage competence-based applications in our interviews, and in case we receive your consent, we carry out psychological tests that support the interviews and enable us to understand you better. We share the test results with our candidates transparently. The following key competences are considered in interviews: leadership, belonging, sense of responsibility, openness to change and development, innovativeness, team spirit, ability to decide and take initiative, dynamism, process and result orientation, adherence to perfection, and customer focus.

Being a member of the Kale Endüstri Holding family for us implies being part of the journey to shape the future of a leading and trustworthy brand in our country and geographical region, as well as involving in a career experience where you can develop yourself continually through this process.

3. Internship Opportunities

To invest in our young people being our future, Kale Endüstri Holding offers internship and skill training opportunities to students of vocational schools in our region affiliated with the National Education Directorate.

On the other hand, internship candidates of universities and vocational colleges are given the opportunity of internship in various departments for a period ranging from 20 days to 3 months depending on students’ demand and the work program of the related department. All our internship programs provide opportunities for creative studies based on continuous learning and academic projects.

4. Compensation Management and Fringe Benefits

Based on equal pay for equal work, Kale Endüstri Holding endeavors to improve its fair and competitive compensation management system. Accordingly, we aim to enhance our current job family model continuously with benchmarking studies by participating in compensation surveys that are conducted on a national basis with international standards. Based on the net wage, pay raises are implemented annually for white collars and twice a year for blue-collar employees within the scope of the Collective Labor Agreement, based on the inflation rate and industry dynamics. In addition, we implement the flexible compensation system that depends on performance. As vested benefits, fuel allowance, vacation allowance, festive allowance, and marriage/birth/death/military service/children allowances are provided besides educational benefits for employees’ children according to their state of education. Private health insurance is offered and task-assigned vehicles are provided in parallel with the responsibilities required by the managerial and job position. Within the scope of the Kale Suggestion System conducted through the Kaleport intranet, our employees are awarded on a monthly basis for the added value created by their suggestions.

5. Training and Development

Being a trustworthy brand in our country, we strive for deserving it at every level and aim to support the development of our employees. Hence, we clustered all training programs related to the employees’ development under the roof of the “Kale Training Academy” for conducting all professional, technical, and self-development training programs systematically and effectively. We aim to ensure that our employees and company develop in the best way possible and are ready for the future with our training programs that cover all white and blue collar personnel. Accordingly, we analyze our training requirements to develop the competencies needed and prepare our Strategic Training Plan annually. With regular training programs, we aim to bring out the best in all our employees and enhance their efficiency and activity. With our customized training planned for each employee, we ensure that they have access to all necessary technical and commercial information, augment their personal skills, and continuously improve their development.

In addition, we are constantly renewing the content and structure of our Kale Training Academy Programs according to the changing needs and systems parallel to the dynamics of our industry. Especially for generations Y and Z, we implement all types of development programs that are structured to transform them into the leaders of the future at Turkey’s leading lock maker.

To fulfill the technological expectations of the industry, we support all our employees and managers to produce customer-oriented, creative and innovative solutions, and we use the emerging ideas in our R&D efforts.

6. Performance and Skills Management

Kale Endüstri Holding Performance Management is a systematic process to ensure coordination between our company targets and individual targets of our employees. This process is conducted to assess the available competencies of our employees that enable them to excel them in their current jobs and provide them necessary competencies required for the future positions that they will undertake.

In this process based on the systematic performance meetings conducted in certain periods for all employees, we first assess the performance of all employees according to the target assigned in the previous year and the targets and development areas are determined for the next year. In these meetings, we focus on the development of individuals and processes within the basic principle of continuous improvement. By revealing the mutual expectations of the manager and employees, these discussions constitute a crucial ground where feedback regarding the capacity and performance of the employees are communicated.