Full-Fledged Security


You have switched to the alarm and secured your home with a Kale Alarm, but you want to raise your life standards further and realize the concept of “security and beyond” in a pool… There is an easy way! Kale Full-Fledged Security offers all security solutions from alarms to safe boxes, locks to insurance, and window systems and electronic systems together… As you can see, the wide range of security solutions included in Full-Fledged Security will ensure your security and raise your quality of life.




The products of Kale Kilit, which are located at more than 100 million doors around the world, are the choice of those who cannot give up security with their quality and mechanical and electronic models that challenge malicious interventions.



kapipencereKale Door and Window Systems, which offers excellent solutions in every aspect of your living space, protect your world with its products that respect the environment and people.



Kale Sigorta increases your life quality with different insurance options to protect yourself and your loved ones.



Kale safe products, which allow the most precious values ​​to be stored in the most reliable place, are stylish enough to be a decoration element of different living spaces.



With its different models and security options, Kale Steel Door is closed against all dangers at home or in the office!