Security Camera Systems


View Records 24/7 and View Live 24/7 enable you to monitor your house or workplace easily via smartphones and web browsers, and installed camera systems. With the recording function, you can see the moments you missed.


You can use the camera systems installed in your house or workplace to receive live or recorded video, which allows you to record any area on a 24/7 basis. Records taken when you are away from your home or workplace allow you to view your loved ones or employees, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Since the recording system is located at the area under surveillance, it does not require an internet connection while recording. Therefore, it does not use up any internet data allowances. Your records are available only to you. No one else is permitted to access them.

Rather than costly and complex systems, cameras that are easily accessible via an internet connection have been used to ensure you do not have to worry about your loved ones or employees!


While View Live 24/7 allows you to view a live feed from your installed camera system, you can also keep an eye on your living spaces with the convenience of remote access. View Live 24/7 makes it very easy to secure your loved ones and keep an eye on your employees!

The proprietary software of Kale Alarm makes it easy to view the camera system footage on your smartphone or web browser.