Security Service

Services Provided

​​Alarm services provided by Kale Alarm are categorized in three groups: Standard, Exclusive, and Beyond Security. All subscribers receive standard services at minimum. They can also opt to receive non-standard services for a small additional fee. The Alarm Monitoring Center is an essential service that is provided to all subscribers who hire the alarm service. This service helps our subscribers keep their locations on a 24/7 basis. This service enables us to keep in touch with our subscribers around the clock, and to notify them and dispatch the relevant units during an emergency.

KALE Alarm Monitoring Center Service

Established in compliance with the European Union standards, the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center operates on a 24/7 basis to ensure that our subscribers have peace of mind guaranteed by Kale. The monitoring of the Alarm Systems includes modern services such as 24/7 technical support, subscriber contacting, and the dispatching of the relevant units during emergencies.

Alarm systems not connected to the Alarm Monitoring Center only warn the local residents and leave it to them to contact the relevant emergency response units. With an alarm system that is ​ connected to the Alarm Monitoring Center, any attempted sabotage to the entrance door, telephone line or the siren is detected by the Alarm Monitoring Center, and the relevant subscribers are notified. Therefore, the system fully performs its function.

Based on this concept, the Kale Alarm Monitoring Center was designed to monitor alarm systems from a central location to identify;

  • the area of the alarm
  • the validity of the alarm
  • the reason of the alarm
    • any potential robbery
    • threat
    • sabotage
    • fire
    • flood
    • gas leak
    • medical emergency

Potential device problems and power outages, and to intervene and provide service on a 24/7 basis.

Standard Services


You can secure your valuable items against theft and defy malicious acts​​


Support Services
Support services with which you can receive answers to all your system-related questions ​are available at the Alarm Monitoring Center at 444 72 40.


Monitoring Entries/Exits
You can check the entries to learn who entered or exited your home or workplace and when.


You can facilitate an early response to fire and dispatch the relevant emergency response units. ​​ ​​


You can send an emergency signal and gain control of the emergency with an early response.


Medical Emergency
You can utilize the  Health Service to dispatch an ambulance to your home with only a phone call in case of a medical problem.


Gas Leak
You can facilitate the earliest response to gas leaks, and dispatch the relevant emergency response units.


You can facilitate the earliest response to floods, and dispatch the relevant emergency response units. ​

Exclusive Services


Glass Break
Even if the alarm is disarmed, you can still prevent a burglar from breaking in. You can protect your home and workplace from external threats by monitoring several windows.​​


Heat Detection
You can dispatch the relevant emergency unit for early response when heat passes a preset threshold. Even if the alarm system is disarmed, an armed heat detector is preferable to smoke detectors in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and smoking spots. ​​


Panic Button
When you are unsure of what to do, you can press the panic button to transmit an emergency signal and take control of the situation with an early response.


Easy Installation with a Remote Control
The remote control allows you to activate and deactivate the system remotely while the panic button can be used to take control of the situation with an early response. ​​

Services Beyond Security


Camera Surveillance
You can monitor an area online from anywhere around the world.​​

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